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Services - Repair and modification

Located in Kanata, Ontario, Fearsome Sound specializes in the repair and modification of vintage, vacuum tube and solid state musical instrument amplifiers.

If you own a vintage amplifier, chances are good that it has some value as a collectable - or mabe it's just important to you. The value and much of the charm of these old(er) devices lies in the original components and circuit design. Any service provider must take care to protect this inherent value. Correcting defects and failures is appropriate and should be expected when required but rabid replacement of functioning old parts is counter-productive.

Some modifications enhance the reliability and performance of vintage circuits. For example, carefully installing a three-prong ac power cord in a vintage amp can reduce noise and improve reliability and safety. Other modifications can simply ruin your tone in addition to depleting the value of your prize possession. If you have a modification in mind, or simply want to discuss possibilities, please feel free to contact us.