TUBER is a Vacuum Tube distortion preamp in a Stomp Box/Pedal package. TUBER versions are available with one or two channels which include separate drive and output level controls and a very responsive James-like tone stack with separate treble and bass controls. Switches provide for "on" or "true bypass" modes and channel selection (for the two channel variant). Two on-board 12AX7 vacuum tubes provide plenty of drive and volume. The tube bay will accept any 12A_7 tube so users can mix and match tube gains to paint their own tone picture. You can set either TUBER variant up as a clean boost or high saturation thing - although its sweet spot is Marshall crunch tones. The internal step-up power supply runs the tubes at more than 200 volts - much like a typical tube-based guitar amp. It has enough output to sit nicely in a loop or drive the front end of your amp like a typical stomp box. Please check out the audio clips on the Media Page.