The TUBER product line provides vacuum tube-based analog signal processing in Stomp Box Pedal packages. Distortion pedals are currently available and a Tremolo pedal will launch later in 2022.


Common to all TUBER products, the internal step-up voltage supply drives the tube plates at more than 200 volts - much like a typical tube-based guitar amp. A 12 vac adapter is provided. A separate regulated dc internal voltage supply provides power to the tube filaments to ensure quiet circuit operation. A buffered, low impedance output connection means TUBER products will play well with the other devices in your pedal  chain and your recording hardware.  TUBER circuit boards are manufactured in a state of the art factory employing ISO9001 inspection standards.  Please check out the audio clips on the Media Page.


  • TUBER-Distortion pedals


TUBER-Distortion pedals are available with one channel (FS1C and FS1C+M)  or two channel (FS2C+M)  operation and include separate drive and output level controls and a very responsive James-like tone stack offering separate treble and bass control. The FS1C+M and FS2C+M also provide headphone signal monitoring. Foot Switches provide for "on" or " bypass" modes and channel selection (for the two channel variant). Two on-board 12AX7 vacuum tubes provide plenty of drive and volume. The tube bay will accept any 12A_7 tube so users can mix and match tube gains to paint their own tone picture. You can set up any TUBER Distortion product variant as a clean boost or high saturation monster - although its sweet spot is Marshall and Soldano style crunch and high gain tones - and everything in between! The two channel variants allow you to have both! TUBER Distortion pedals provide enough output to sit nicely in a loop or drive the front end of your amp like a typical stomp box. The TUBER FS1C single channel pedal is based on a  two layer PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Grounded copper pours are employed on both layers for maximum noise rejection. The FS1C+M and FS2C+M single and dual channel pedals respectively,  are based on 4-layer PCBs with layers for Power, Ground and Signals (2). Power and Signal layers include grounded copper pours for ultra quiet operation. Additionally, the FS1C+M and FS2C+M  provide headphone signal monitoring.


  • TUBER-Tremolo Pedals


Launching in 2022, TUBER Tremolo (FSTT) provides a vacuum tube based analog tremolo effect in a Stomp Box/Pedal package. A single footswitch provides for "on" or " bypass" modes. Two on-board 12AX7 vacuum tubes provide circuit functionality. Tube 1 is set up as a Phase Shift Oscillator with controls for Depth and Speed of oscillation. Tube 2 is set up as a signal buffer to provide high impedance input for your guitar signal.  The Tube 1 oscillator "output" is used to vary the bias of  the input stage of Tube 2 resulting in lush tremolo modification of your guitar signal. The FSTT control panel also includes a single pot tone control and an output level control. Headphone jack (TRS), headphone level control along with input and output jacks are all on the rear panel. The FSTT is based on a 4-layer PCB with layers for Power, Ground and Signals (2). Power and Signal layers include grounded copper pours for ultra quiet operation.